Friday, May 13, 2011

A Bia Retrospective

This is my retrospective on the 2010-2011 season--one of the best years I've ever had.

I don't care if you like it; if it doesn't make sense, you probably weren't meant to 'get it' anyway.

YouTube--Looking back: One bia's reflection on the season

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Inch by Inch.

Game Seven is tonight.

I've got nothing left to say, because I'm probably off in a corner somewhere, rocking back and forth and ripping out my own hair. To say that I'm nervous/anxious/excited/terrified would be an understatement. So I'll just leave this--my favorite movie speech of all time--the same as I did after game 3.

No matter what, I'm proud to be a fan. Go Wings.


You know, when you get old in life; things get taken away from you. That's part of life. But you only learn that when you start losing stuff. You find out life's this game of inches. So is football. Because in either game life or football the margin for error is so small. I mean one half step too early or too late and you don't quite make it. One half a second too slow or too fast and you don't quite catch it. The inches we need are everywhere around us. They're in every break of the game; every minute every second.

On this team, we fight for that inch. On this team we tear ourselves and everyone else around us to pieces for that inch. We claw with our fingernails for that inch. Because we know when we add up all those inches, that's what gonna make the fucking difference between winning and losing. Between living and dying. I'll tell you this in any fight, it's the guy who's willing to die who's gonna win that inch. And I know if I'm gona have any life anymore. It's because I'm still willing to fight and die for that inch. Because that's what living is. The six inches in front of your face. Now I can't make you do it. You have to look at the guy next to you. Look into his eyes. Now i think your ginna see a guy who will go that inch with you. Your gonna see a guy who will sacrifice himself for this team because he knows when it comes down to it; your gonna do the same for him.

That's a team gentlemen. And, either we heal, now as a team, or we will die as individuals. That's football guys. That's all it is.

Now, what are you gonna do ?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ad Victorem Spolias

Six months. One hundred eighty-five days. Eighty-two games. Two hundred fifty-seven goals. Seven hundred forty-eight penalty minutes. One thousand, seven hundred ninety-four hits. Nine hundred seventeen blocked shots. Forty-seven wins. One hundred and four points.

These are the numbers that got us to this point. Starting today, they mean nothing.

Today begins the hardest two months in sport. Today sixteen teams all set out with one goal in mind, and by mid-June, only one will remain. Today is a clean slate; a fresh start. Today, every awesome win; every crushing defeat; every shot blocked at the cost of personal safety; every goal; every save; every fight—will all be wiped clean.

The dance. The show. The second season.

Today marks the start of the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

This is a team engineered, over two decades, for one thing: winning championships. You say old; we say experienced. You say slow; we say patient. You say washed up; we say dark horse. The Detroit Red Wings were built for the playoffs, for withstanding the long haul, for defying expectation.

When the puck drops today on an unprecedented twentieth consecutive playoff run, the Red Wings will be ready. Adversity and personal struggle aside, this team was made to succeed, bred in an environment where failure is not only unacceptable, but simply not an option. Created to excel in a setting that has no patience—come out swinging, or be left behind.  

Today the Detroit Red Wings are prepared to start the uphill climb to number twelve. It will be painful, and it will be difficult, but nothing worth winning comes easily. Today the Red Wings shift focus to one thing, and one thing only: being the last team standing.  

This is it. 

The Worst Dating Site Profile Ever.

Totally not hockey-related (I never made you promises, now did I?) but I feel that it's my duty to alert women everywhere that men like this apparently do actually exist. Unabridged. Unaltered. Not modified in any way to make this guy look worse; I don't think he needs any help in that department.

Enjoy. Or, you know, vomit. Whatever.


 +++ Friends First+++ then lets see if we make each other happy. cuz I want my lover will be my best friend. Meeting new people can suck, it can be a waist of time and money. lot of crazy people on here. Im looking for that 1 in a million. Im a romantic at heart. Im looking for a woman that can truly make me happy. (wife) and always looking for great sex.
32yr old 5 11 190 lbs from b****e handsome hung horny sexy outgoing funny passionate nympho! looking for a great woman to love and keep. if not than just sex if fine or fb. I dont have kids. never married but been in long relationships. Someone that I can make a connection with and share my feelings with and open up to. some one that like my jokes and sence of humor. my crazzy funy singing / guitar playing. I will try to make u laught. I want to be the guy that puts a smile on your face every time u see me. looking for my best friend that I can love! (forever, till I die).
!holy sht do all you poeple have kids or what? dont you peopl know that a kid from a single family is 73% more likly to end up in jail. Abortions are the greast crime prevention. i dont want to be your kids daddy or do i want to get to know your kids. it seems eveyone thinks kids r the answer to everthing, people at 14 and just want babys its nuts where did wanting to live go.
I am not looking for a relationship or a wife with a woman that has kids unless they can keep the kids out of it. sorry. dont feel bad , im jelliouse , I come first in the relationship not ur past. I dont even want to meet ur kids.
I love to camp, yoga,pot weed,walks, talks, cooking, travel, canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, walks, discgolf, frizby, redneck gold, hourse shoes, hangout, fish, hunt,off road n, 4 wheeling, eurosport racing, ride motor cycles, pic nics, outdoors, yoga, jogging, working out, swimming, target practice anything and everything and will outshoot anyone, paintball, scuba dive, muff dive lol, like to play guitars bagpipes, erhu and cello, bass, percussion, piano, anything is fun. I like good music, rock music 70s classic rock, no country. a good taste in music is atractive. sharing monents if grand. movies/tv:( adult swim, history, food network, discovery ch, pb, ufc, comedy central, spike tv, snl, cartoons, cult classics.)I dont like sports. I dont watch em, playing them is fun. I dont like watching nascar. Im good in relationships, I dont cheat, steal or lie. Im house broken and have manners. I love to cook n eat great food, sushi, bbq, tea not coffee, I dont eat beef or chicken I dont eat fast food or junk food, i dont drink pop. sorry allergies n stomic problems.
Im the kinda guy that will wait for you to eat dinner. gets you flowers, tape your shows, walsh ur back, finish ur meal, slap ur a$$, hold your hand, hold you all night as we sleep, cudddle, sit on the couch n watch ur shows with you,help you studdy or with work, im very helpful, kiss you a billion times a day, leave you dishes in the sink, puts the seat down after a month or so of being told, makes you breakfast / lunch / dinner, kisses ur forhead in the morning, tell you that ur beautiful cute pretty sexy great .... a hundred times a day, asks hows your day was and how I can make it better. I dont argue or raise my voice, yell or hit(thats is for the kids). im not violent. but i do like to spank. I an very agressive, overly affectionat. I love to hold hands, kiss/make out all the time (the passion never ends)
I dont Drink or smoke cigs but love the green, pot , weed, cannabis, marijuana. lol. im against prohibition of all forms. prohibition only causes problems.drugs are a dirty word we use in society to manipulate the outcome of the thought of the use of the chemical. Every drug / chemical has its use. salt n sugar is the biggest drug epidemic we have. drugs are every where, in the food,in th water, in the medz. look at the fat poeple, Im so sick of peole full of false information. false history leand from trees. b4 wood paper industry that is less than 150 yrs old every thing was printed on hemp paper , where is the history realy at? who controls the past conrols the future, who controls the presant controls the past. keeping free thought out of the hands of the 2%.
I am looking for a free thinker. some one not retared by religion and socal control formulas.
if your going to take the time to email me and say i dont date people that do drugs, then u are just plain dumb or got issuse. why bother just block me. if you have never tryed it shut the [omitted for profanity] up cuz u dont know shit. not looking for a crack addict. sex addict yes, meth no.
go eat ur salt, sugar and hfcs, gluten, and othr brain altering chemicals.
if you eat simpson oil or cannabis oil wit thc bound with a fat it cures cancer. thats why its illeagl. and its the bigest competitor or petro, plastics, food, paper,biulding materal, rope, clothes. medz, ..... u couldnt win a war without it.
well if u hvent guessed im aginst fascism. and slavery. yes we are still in a salve system. itsbeen going on b4 the romans. The greeks knew it ws cheaper to pay their slaves than it was to provide them with the basics.
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What im looking for but not excluded to:
someone that smoke a lot of weed that loves rock music, no g units. no blunts.
all natural girl, except breast implants.
someone that dosn't bring their kids near me.
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Someone that loves cooking,cleaning, gutting fish, good food, sushi, no junk or crap. some one that like the outdoor fun stuff like camping hiking, walks, canoeing , mudding, 4x4, bonfires, hunting, trapping, smbd lol , looking for a girl with a good sense humor. Someone
 thats if you pass the tests. The friendship test. click>
lets talk, play pool, putt putt, hang out with my friends , bonfires, get drunk with my friends, ice cream, golf, disc golf, make u dinner, cuddling lots of kissing and talking. its B***e, not much around. I know of a few great places to eat at. lol 420 smoke breaks. 
No Prostitutes or gold diggers, I will make u sign a pernupt[omitted for profanity]es. when does the commitment come?lol

or maybe try something new like double dates with friends, sky diving, robbing a bank, pass out soup a a soup kitchen, conspire to take over the world, hottubs, skinny dipping, hay rides,


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

But what are you DOING about it?

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi

A battle has been brewing for some time over the term "Puck Bunny"; what's a puckbunny? Who uses the term? is it insulting? Are YOU a puckbunny? There's no simple answer for any of these questions, so I'm going to attack the issue from another angle. I get it. You don't like the term "puckbunny," whether it's being used to belittle you or someone else. My question to you, then, is this:

What are you DOING about it?

Here's the thing: "puckbunny" isn't going anywhere. Hockey always has been, and likely will be, an Old Boys' Club. As long as this is the case, there will be men who insinuate that your fandom as a woman is less about the thrill of the game and the skill of it's athletes, and more that you'd like to hop in the sack with a member of the team.  Female fans will continue to use the term, because it has become so necessary to differentiate ourselves.

Ask any woman who has sat alone at a game (nevermind that she may have friends elsewhere in the arena), and they'll all tell you that they've been harassed in some way, and been put in a position that requires them to defend their own knowledge of the game. Is it fair? Of course not.

Why then, would you invite such criticism  by dressing like you're looking for attention?

This is where you say "but, Hockey Broad... Why is it that I'm not allowed to look nice at games without being labeled a slut?" Go ahead. I'll wait.

I'm not saying that you're not allowed to look nice. You won't catch me at a game without my hair done and some makeup on my face. Then again, you probably wouldn't catch me shopping at Target without it, either. I am at my most comfortable when I feel that I look presentable, and I think the same holds true for all of us. On the other hand, first impressions are everything. The judgment a person passes on you within those first few seconds of meeting is a hard thing to overcome. This is why we look our best for job interviews, first dates, etc.  So when you show up at the rink (where it's generally COLD, mind you) dressed like you're heading out clubbing afterward, know that people are going to pass judgment on you. Again, it's not fair, but it's human nature.

What's the point I'm trying to make? Baseless complaining and whining never changed anything. Shut the fuck up and DO something about it. You can dress like you're in a hip hop video, and bitch because people think you don't take the game seriously, but nothing is going to change. You want to wear a skirt so short you can't comfortably sit down? Get on with your bad self, but if you want to be taken seriously, you'd better make damn sure you're doing the most you possibly can to prove that women belong in this game while you're rockin' those stilettos, girlfriend.

Get involved with womens hockey. There are an absolute SHIT TON of womens and girls teams out there that don't get the attention they deserve. Or the funds. Buy a ticket to your local college womens team's game; they'll appreciate the support (and the money).

Be an advocate. There are countless leagues for children and adults with special needs out there, and they're always looking for assistance. Most teams have initiatives with their local urban school districts to bring hockey (even if only floor hockey) to kids who wouldn't otherwise get that introduction. Support the game from top to bottom; there's a lot of folks out there playing hockey for the love of the game, and not for a paycheck, and they'd love to meet you.

Educate yourself. Know the rules. Know the team. Know. Your. Shit. It's inevitable that even if you're dressed like a schoolmarm, some asshole in the row behind you will want to know where your boyfriend is, or why you're there, or which of the players you're trying to bone. Put him in his place. There's nothing more powerful than a smart woman, and if you find a drunk that has a decent comeback when you start rattling off stats and talking about offsides and how absolutely ridiculous the trapezoid rule is, I'd like to meet him, shake his hand, and then kick him in the balls.

In short, put yourself out there. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent, so by all means, dress however YOU feel comfortable--just be prepared to put your money where your mouth is.

And for the love of god, stop being so fucking sensitive.